About Our Clinic

Imamura Clinic

Let us be the first clinic you visit whenever you have a medical problem in Kagoshima.
We do our best to offer reliable medical services based on the EBM and other guidelines.
When your problem does not fit our specialty or when more sophisticated examinations are required,
we are ready to introduce you to our affiliated medical facilities.

Major affiliated medical facilities
Atsuji hospital of neurosurgery, Imakiire Hospital, Imamura Hospital, Kagoshima Medical Center, Tenyoukai Central Hospital,
Nanpu Hospital, Kenzaburo Clinic, ENT Mic, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment for the life style related diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and

Diagnosis and treatment for diseases of the digestive tract such as stomach, liver, and gallbladder

Minor surgical procedures like incision and suture

Orthopedic procedures like physical therapy, intraarticular injection, and trigger point injection for the
low back pain and osteoarthritis

Consultation for ED

DirectorFTsutomu Imamura

DirectorFTsutomu Imamura , M.D

Graduated from La Salle High School in 1972
Graduated from Tohoku University, School of Medicine, in 1978
Practiced in Tohoku Univ. Hospital (Department of Anesthesia, Emergency Medical Services, ICU, Pain Clinic)
and National Nishitaga Hospital, Department of Anesthesia
Assistant Director of Imamura Clinic in 1988
Director of Imamura Clinic since 1995

<Degrees and Certifications>
Doctor of Medicine
ECFMG/VQE qualified(No.295-811-4)
Registered Anesthesiologist
Industrial Physician certified by Japan Medical Association
Health and Sports Doctor certified by Japan Medical Association
Sports Doctor certified by Japan Sports Association
Doctor designated by Mariners Act

Sun & Holidays Closed
Reception opens at 8:30 AM.

The following examinations are available in our clinic.
Biochemical Examination Detects such abnormalities as liver dysfunction, elevated blood glucose, hypercholesterolemia from drawn blood.
If blood is collected in the morning, results come out the next day, except for some particular items.
Fasting is required for accurate results.
Urine test Leads to the discovery of kidney diseases and other urinary tract problems like cystitis.
Urine is taken and the result is shown on the spot.
X-ray test Basic test for diseases of the lungs and heart.
Regarding orthopedic diseases, this test reveals any disorder of bones, such as fracture, deformity, and dislocation.
Electrocardiogram Inspects any presence of irregular heartbeats, cardiac enlargement, or ischemic change.
Holter electrocardiogram Records electrocardiogram for 24 successive hours and examines if there is any hidden irregular heartbeats or ischemic change, which are not revealed by usual electrocardiogram.
Abdominal Echo Detects abnormal mass or stones in the abdominal cavity, but diseases of the hollow organs like stomach and intestines cannot be observed by this examination.
This test also is performed with nothing in your stomach.
Cardiac Echo Cardiac echo is useful in depicting deformity of the heart and major blood vessels.
It can also estimate cardiac function to a certain degree.
Fasting is not required for this examination.
Stomach endoscope Examines esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.
About 90% of examinees in our clinic prefer the nasal route for the insertion of fiberscope.
Those who would require detailed observation are advised to undergo this examination through the oral route.
Fasting is indispensable for this test.
Large intestine endoscope Endoscope examination of the whole large intestine is not available in our clinic at the moment, but we offer examination up to the sigmoid in case of blood discharge.


The following check-ups are available in our clinic.
Medical examination for the metabolic syndrome
"Tokutei kenshin"
"Choju kenshin"
"Ippan kenshin"
Public examination for the metabolic syndrome, offered free of charge.
Those who are enlisted in the "Kokumin hoken"(literally, national health insurance) are requested to bring their examination coupon.
Those who are enlisted in the "Shakai hoken"(literally, social health insurance) and "Kyosai hoken"(literally, mutual aid health insurance) should make sure our clinic is one of their designated medical facilities.
Examinees are necessary to show up in fasting state.
ADL(activities of daily life) function assessment Usually offered to persons above 65 years old at the same time as the medical examination for the metabolic syndrome.
Colon cancer examination Public examination for the colon cancer, which detects a trace amount of blood in the stool.
When any abnormality is found, we will ask a colon specialist to perform fiberscopic examination of the whole colon for you.
Be sure to bring your examination coupon.
Examinees over 70 years of age are entitled to free-of-charge examination. Please do not hesitate to ask if you wish to have a stool container in advance.
Prostate cancer examination Public examination for the prostate cancer, which measures PSA in the blood.
When the test is positive, we will request a urologist to conduct a thorough investigation.
Examinees over 70 years of age are entitled to free-of-charge examination.
Be sure to bring your examination coupon.
Fasting is required for an accurate result.
Hepatitis virus examination Public hepatitis examination, which measures HBs antigen and HCV antibody to see if the blood is infected with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus.
If infection is confirmed, we will introduce you to a liver specialist to start interferon treatment.
Examinees over 70 years of age are entitled to free-of-charge examination.
Be sure to bring your examination coupon and come in a fasting state.
Sailorfs medical check-up We are designated as a clinic to conduct this legal medical check-up.
Examination includes chest X-ray, urine, biochemistry, electrocardiogram and so forth, but the items vary depending on the age of the examinee.
Examinees over 35 years of age are requested to come in a fasting state for biochemical examination.
Examinees over 35 years of age and those who are involved in cooking on board a ship, regardless of age, need to undergo a stool examination. It is preferable to bring the stool with you, so do not hesitate to ask for a stool container in advance.
Medical check-up for the 2nd generation of A-bomb victims Public physical check-up, which requests you to bring the documents sent from the city office and to show up in fasting state.
Annual check-up for employees Physical check-up stipulated by the labourers' safety statutes.
Please consult our general manager for check-up items and charge.